Vintage Industrial Clocks

Vintage industrial clocks are at the forefront of the John Zoffa shop and a mainstay in our collection. These fabulous timekeeping units graced factories, railway stations and hardworking industrial environments for many years right the way across the UK.  Their design and overall quality, particularly from world renowned manufacturers Gents’ of Leicester, are exceptional and can act as a piece de resistance across any interior space.  Vintage industrial clocks convey power and authority, quality and authenticity and once in situ can often be that finishing touch to any vintage industrial interior space.

Clocks across the John Zoffa collection are all carefully sourced and indeed intricately restored back to their former glories, so a new generation can experience and enjoy these incredible iconic industrial items.  Our vintage industrial clocks come in a variety of sizes and styles but all with a wonderful history behind them, many of our clients choose to use them more as pieces of art or accent pieces because of their beauty and impact rather than for their original function.  Modern interiors don’t necessarily need wall art or paintings, industrial clocks and their aging beauty provide a welcome alternative across the decorative space and a genuine focal point as you enter any number of environments. 

If you have a wall large enough why not go for one of our huge cast iron industrial clocks seen in the first photograph.  If working across more open spaces with high ceilings our hanging double sided railway clocks provide a true industrial spectacle, and the grandeur required to illuminate any interior. You can even position a series of clocks across a wall if you have the space, making arrangements and historical collections.

Clocks come in a variety of mediums, from sheet metal to cast iron, traditional Bakelite to beautifully aged brass.  Make sure the clock you pick works well with other pieces in your home and suits the industrial environment you are trying to create.  Furthermore, consider the space required to support the clock and make sure you have the right environment in order to hang it from a height or indeed affix it to a wall.

Another important factor to consider when choosing a John Zoffa clock is in whether the movement runs via battery or mains electric.  Many of the clocks that come into us have their original electric movements and were built to be driven electrically as a slave and via a master clock.  It’s worth considering whether you have an appropriate mains plug socket close by and to where you plan to position the clock, or do you require more flexibility and cable free, in which case a new quartz movement powered by battery would suffice. Here at John Zoffa we give our clients the choice depending on how and where they see it across the interior.

Buying a quality vintage industrial clock can often be a lifetime investment, they were built to last and can last forever, particularly if well maintained.   Rather than looking at more modern alternatives or imitations made to look like the originals, consider buying a true original from John Zoffa, aged and worn, encompassing a unique history and which you can pass on to the next generation to enjoy.