Industrial Interior Design

Industrial interior design began its life as an unexpected moment of creativity.  As our mills, factories and warehouses gradually started to close down in the early 1970s in order to make way for a more modern era, many of these industrial spaces were being turned into living environments by the visionaries who understood and saw their awe inspiring architecture and natural historical beauty.   Industrial interior design was forged from this very process; modernising these landmark buildings and converting them into environments we could use and occupy for the future, whilst at the same time preserving their magnificent architecture and industrial heritage.

It’s always incredibly useful to study the buildings that have an historical past in order to style your space as an industrial interior.  Whilst we can’t recreate those magnificent industrial environments we can celebrate their attributes within our own interior design and endorse the items of form, function and overriding quality which graced these historical spaces. Industrial interiors liberate us from convention allowing us to expose the raw, unfinished and completely unashamed elements seen in those original buildings; this particular design discipline transforms industrial materials into aspects of beauty. 

Exposed brick and roofing structures, mazes of ceiling pipework, concrete accent walls and lofty ceiling heights are just some of the fundamental attributes which industrial interior design is built upon.  

Industrial interior design should have honest and authentic attributes yet very few spaces manage to produce the type of environments which are genuinely original.  In a world full of the manufactured mass produced, authentic industrial interior design allows us to celebrate the original which is becoming increasingly important as we lose sight of our revolutionary history and heritage.  These hard-working reclaimed materials and ground breaking industrial antiques, which originally adorned these forgotten buildings, have a quality, aesthetic and sheer presence that just can’t be replicated or indeed replaced. Encompassing these attributes into our design is paramount, not only in creating interior spaces of industrial beauty but at the same time to reference our fascinating and remarkable industrial heritage for future generations.  Furthermore, their minimalist style and raw open virtuous space often make them environments of extremely low maintenance and suitable for a wide variety of interiors across the residential, commercial and hospitality sector.

We at John Zoffa passionately believe in the original.  The interior spaces we commission and our collection of vintage industrial items seen across the website, encompass a wonderful history whilst demonstrating an unrivalled quality in regards to their design, form and function.  Next time you’re considering an interior space then explore authentic industrial design, and indeed please do consider John Zoffa, you won’t be left disappointed.